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You just connect your power sources to the input, your applications to the output, HyPES takes care of the rest.

Enairys' Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage (HyPES) systems have a modular and flexible design which makes them suitable for a wide range of stationary applications: 

Renewable sources support

HyPES systems are used as sustainable energy storage and management solutions, to smooth or dispatch the random power generated by intermittent renewable sources like wind and photovoltaic sources, prior to grid feed-in. This allows better stabilizing the local grid or shifting the production to peak hours. 

Clean energy autonomy

HyPES systems are used to provide sustainable, fuel-free energy autonomy to standalone applications or houses powered by wind and/or photovoltaic sources, in remote areas (islands, mountains…).

Power quality / energy management

HyPES systems are used as clean power backup to protect sensible and strategic applications (hospitals, datacenteres, telecom repeaters, etc.) against voltage sags and power cuts from weak grids.

HyPES systems are also used to shave comsumption peaks or to optimize the power consumption in high price volatility areas.

High pressure air production

Simplify versions of HyPES systems operating only in the compression mode are used to produce high pressure air (>200bar), for various applications like fast filling stations for compressed air cars.