Operating principle en

HyPES concept is a smart combination of major technological innovations relying on simple physical principles

HyPES concept is based on the natural compressibility of air. Thus, energy is stored in the form of pressure potential of compressed air. The originality of Enairys approach with this concept relies on 2 major innovations in the fields of hydro-pneumatics and power electronics :

  • A new concept of water-hydraulic gas compression/expansion. 
    This concept uses water as a “liquid piston” to compress the air while cooling it simultaneously and to expand it while heating it simultaneously. The resulting “quasi-isothermal” compression/expansion process leads to excellent conversion efficiency.
  • An electric power conditioning module with dedicated topologies and control strategies.
    This module allows the combination of different types of electrical sources and loads while ensuring an effective management of the power flow between them, a reliable, flexible and autonomous operation of the global system